Bot Usage

The YaPB User Menu (yb menu)

Bots Control Menu


Bots Control Menu

  1. Add a Bot, Quick - This does what it says. It quickly adds a Bot giving him a random name, team, difficulty and model. Difficulty will be chosen randomly between your yb_difficulty_min/yb_difficulty_max values specified in yapb.cfg.
  2. Add a Bot, Specified - Allows you specify all things (except name) for adding a single Bot.

This lets You choose a difficulty for the specific Bot.


This lets You choose a personality for the specific Bot.


This lets You choose a team for the specific Bot.


This lets You choose a class for the specific Bot. (for CT Team)


This lets You choose a class for the specific Bot. (for T Team)

  1. Remove Random Bot - removes a random bot.
  2. Remove All Bots - removes all bots from the server.
  3. Remove Bot Menu - A menu that allows you to remove a bot from the server specified in the list.

Bots Features Menu


Bots Features Menu

  1. Weapon Mode Menu - A menu that configures the type of weapons used by bots.

Bots Weapon Mode Menu

  1. Waypoint Menu - Opens the waypoint menu.
  2. Select Personality - Adds a bot with the currently set difficulty with personality setting.
  3. Toggle Debug Mode - Enables or disables debug mode.
  4. Command Menu - Opens the bot command menu.

Bot Command Menu

  1. Make Double Jump - Forces the nearest teammate bot to crouch next to you to make double jump.
  2. Finish Double Jump - Releases the bot after the first command, it must get up and go about his business.
  3. Drop the C4 Bomb - Forces the bot carrying the bomb to drop it at you.
  4. Drop the Weapon - Makes the teammate bot throw a weapon at you.

Waypoint Menu


Waypoint Editor Menu (Page 1)

  1. Show/Hide waypoints - Show or hide the display of waypoints.
  2. Cache waypoint - Cache waypoint for future use.
  3. Create path - Opens the menu for creating path connections.
  4. Delete path - Removes the path from selected waypoint.
  5. Add waypoint - Opens the menu for selecting the type for adding waypoint.
  6. Delete waypoint - Removes the waypoint you are standing on.
  7. Set Autopath Distance - Opens the autopath distance setting menu.
  8. Set Radius - Opens the waypoint radius setting menu.
  9. Next… - Goes to the second page of the waypoint menu.

Waypoint Editor Menu (Page 2)

  1. Waypoint stats - Shows statistics on the number and types of waypoints on the map in the console.
  2. Autowaypoint on/off - Enables or disables automatic waypoint placement.
  3. Set flags - Opens the menu for selecting flags for a waypoint.
  4. Save waypoints - Saves waypoints with path integrity check.
  5. Save without checking - Saves waypoints without checking (because of this, there may be problems with the behavior of bots).
  6. Load waypoints - Loads waypoints from a file.
  7. Check waypoints - Checks waypoints for errors.
  8. Noclip cheat on/off - Enables or disables noclip cheat.
  9. Previous… - Goes to the first page of the waypoint menu.

YaPB console commands Summary

The following main YaPB commands are available (note these ARE case sensitive):
yb add Adds specific bot into the game. (see below)
yb kick Kicks off the random or specified bot from the game. (see below)
yb removebots Kicks all the bots from the game. Also available via alias yb kickall. (see below)
yb kill Kills the specified team or all the bots. (see below)
yb fill Fills the server (add bots) with specified parameters. (see below)
yb vote Forces all the bots to vote to specified map.
yb weapons Sets the bots weapon mode to use. (see below)
yb menu Opens the main bot menu.
yb version Displays version information about bot build.
yb list Lists the bots currently playing on server.
yb cvars Displays all the cvars with their descriptions. (see below)
yb graph Handles graph operations.
yb show_custom Shows the current values from custom.cfg

To get help for all commands such as arguments, aliases, etc, type in the console yb help.

If you want to get help for specified command for example yb add, type in the console yb help add.

yb add

To add a specific bot to the game, with nickname: John Smith, difficulty 2. Average, personality 4. Careful, team: CT, team class: SAS, you should type in console yb add 2 4 2 3 "John Smith"

Correct format for the yb add command is yb add [difficulty][personality][team][model][name]. All bot values ​​are selected by numbers (except the bot name).

yb kick

Type in console yb kick command to remove the random bot.

If you want to remove the bot from the specified team, you should type in the console yb kick t to kick a bot from Terrorists team, and yb kick ct to kick a bot from Counter-Terrorists team.

yb removebots

You can also use the alias yb kickall to remove all bots.

If you want to remove bots instantly, add the instant argument to this command.

Example: yb kickall instant

yb kill

The yb kill command kills all the bots. To kill a specific team, such as terrorists you should type in console yb kill t command. For Counter-Terrorists the command are yb kill ct

yb fill

To fill the server with random bots type in console yb fillserver.

If you want to fill the server with specific bots, for example: Team: Terrorists, Count: 5, Difficulty: 3. Normal, Personality: 2. Aggressive, you should type in console the follow command yb fill 1 5 3 2.

Correct format for the yb fill command is yb fill [team][count][difficulty][personality].

yb weapons

To force the bot to use only a certain type of weapon, for example, shotguns, you should type in console the yb weapons shotgun command.

Allowed values: knife|pistol|shotgun|smg|rifle|sniper|standard.

Standard means that bots will use all weapons.

yb cvars

This command lists all cvars with their descriptions.

If you want to save all cvars you configured to config, add the save argument to this command.

Example: yb cvars save

Also you can narrow your search by entering a word as an argument, instead of looking through a list of all cvars.

Adding bots to the game

Select 1. Add a Bot, Quick from the bot control menu to add a bot with random stats (name, difficulty, personality etc.) Select 2. Add a Bot, Specified from the bot control menu to add a bot with manually specified stats.

Or type in console yb_quota x where X is amount of adding bots.

Selecting the bot language

You must open the file yapb.cfg in the folder addons/yapb/conf and change the value of yb_language cvar to the next available one.

  1. en - English Language
  2. ru - Russian Language
  3. de - Deutsch Language
  4. chs - Chinese Language

For example, write in the config yb_language ru for Russian Language.

Bot management on a dedicated server

To have access to the bot’s menus and commands, you need to in a server console specify a password and a key from which the password will be read.

To specify a password, you must enter in the console the following cvar yb_password botpassword where botpassword is the password you specified. To specify a key, you must enter in the console the following cvar yb_password_key _ybpw, where _ybpw is the key you specified.

Then, in a client console you must enter the following commandline in the console setinfo _ybpw botpassword to have access to the commands and menus of the bot. To have access to graph commands, you need to enter in the console the following command yb g acquire_editor. Make sure that no one has entered this command before you, who has the password from the bot. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access graph commands until that player removes graph editing rights.

To revoke the rights to edit graphs, you must enter in the console the following command: yb g release_editor.